After this last season, many fans are very bitter with the NFL no matter who your favorite team is, well, ok maybe not New Egland fans but pretty much everyone else. After last weekend we were opened up to a brand new league many people had never heard of called The Alliance of American Football. The league is in its first season with 8 teams but was still able to get more viewers than the NBA watching the first game.

Sure as of now the NFL is king but if you want to really show them changes need to be made and fans aren't messing around watch the AAF! Even if the league doesn't last it'll show the NFL that they're not invincible. Sure there were a lot of boycotts which might have hurt the Super Bowl ratings but unless your TV was on a different channel during the game you really didn't hurt them much.

Games this weekend include Salt Lake at Birmingham at 2 pm Saturday on TNT and the Sunday Orlando at San Antonio 4 pm on CBS.

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