Did you know you can swallow a bobby pin? By accident of course. I have used bobby pins multiple times, and I am part of the majority that holds a bobby pin in their mouth while they're getting ready. A few weeks ago I met a young girl while I was out and about and she showed up with her mom to win some tickets. I thought it was odd that a girl who is probably in Jr. High wasn't in school. I asked, "Why aren't you in school right now?" The young listener didn't miss a beat, "I swallowed a bobby pin so I needed to go to the doctor to get an x-ray.". It was odd, but turns out if you try and talk while you have a bobby pin hanging around your mouth you will swallow it. The student and her mom won tickets and as they were walking away I yelled "I wan't an update on that bobby pin situation!"

Krystal Montez

A few days ago I checked my mail at the station and I received an envelope with an x-ray of someones butt. I know I don't have the best voice out there, and maybe I talk about pizza and hot country artists a little too much, but why send me a copy of your x-ray butt to show your distaste towards me? I realized there was a not on the pack of the copy. IT WAS THE STUDENT WHO SWALLOWED THE BOBBY PIN! The X-ray showed the bobby pin, and her note said "Here's an update on my bobby pin. JK it's not there anymore!" I laughed, hard. This kid has a sense of humor, and a killer memory. Yup, I asked for an update, and she made sure I got it. Turns out the doctor lets the bobby pin take the natural course. Moral of the story, don't talk when you're doing your hair and there's a bobby pin in your mouth.