If you're lucky enough to work for an office that throws a Christmas party this year, chances are that alcohol won't be served... and you can thank Harvey Weinstein and the like. 

With lots of Hollywood heavy-weights and political insiders in the news for bad behavior ranging from inappropriate comments to outright sexual assault, chances are your work place won't be hosting a Christmas party this year. And if they do, they likely won't be serving alcohol in an effort to protect employees from improper and unprofessional behavior. Another way employers are working to protect employees to hold their festivities during the work day and ruling out 'plus ones.'

According to Marketplace, Chicago's Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. surveyed 150 human resources professionals and they found 'dramatic reductions' when it came to work place sponsored merry making. For specific statistics from the study, click here. 

Here's hoping that if your management gives your office Christmas party the axe, that they reallocate the money they had intended to spend to employee bonuses!

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