Here are the best versions of the classic song "Blue Moon" by artists like Elvis Presley, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, The Marcels and more.

What is a blue moon anyway?

Blue moon is a term used to describe the second full moon in a single solar month. This only happen every two to three years. It is such a rare event, the term "blue moon" is used to refer to a rare event, hence became the phrase "once in a blue moon".

None of this has anything to do with the actual color of the moon, but the moon might sometimes appear with a tinge of blue in certain atmospheric conditions. Enjoy these 10 versions of the classic ballad "Blue Moon"

  • 1

    The Marcels

    Blue Moon
  • 2

    Chris Isaak

    Blue Moon
  • 3

    Nat King Cole

    Blue Moon
  • 4

    Elvis Presley

    Blue Moon
  • 5

    Billie Holiday

    Blue Moon
  • 6

    Frank Sinatra

    Blue Moon
  • 7

    Dean Martin

    Blue Moon
  • 8

    The Mavericks

    Blue Moon
  • 9

    Glenn Miller

    Blue Moon
  • 10

    Rod Stewart

    Blue Moon

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