Marvel is typically pretty good about playing things close to the vest as far as cameos and post-credits surprises are concerned, but Sebastian Stan may have just gone and spilled a few beans regarding Infinity War — or is it Avengers 4? In a recent interview, Stan, who’s reprising his role as Bucky Barnes (aka Winter Soldier) in the upcoming sequel(s), name-drops three actors that make cameo appearances during a major fight scene. Needless to say, there are potential spoilers ahead.

We’re well-aware of a major fight sequence that takes place during Infinity War — most likely in Wakanda, based on the trailers. That scene features somewhere around 30 or more MCU characters duking it out in an epic battle sequence that will rival the airport scene in Civil War. Just about everyone who’s anyone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be there, including, according to Sebastian Stan, a few surprising faces.

While speaking with The Independent, Stan discussed a major fight sequence that apparently includes three big Marvel cameos:

There was one scene, I think, we had where everybody was there. I can’t really talk about that scene, but I knew it took them three months in planning this scene to have everyone there. You look around and you just saw everyone from Samuel L. Jackson to Michael Douglas to Michelle Pfeiffer. Everybody was there.

But it seems like Stan could be talking about Avengers 4, which was filmed almost immediately after Infinity War wrapped — around the same time that Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders were spotted on set in Atlanta. At that point, we speculated that Jackson and Smulders could be filming one of a few things: A post-credits scene for Infinity War, or scenes for either Captain Marvel or Avengers 4.

To date, Marvel and Samuel L. Jackson have denied his involvement in Infinity War, though they could easily be lying to keep his cameo secret. Then there’s Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer — the latter of whom is set to play Janet Van Dyne in Ant-Man and the Wasp, making her potential appearance more surprising than, say, Nick Fury’s.

In the first Ant-Man, it’s revealed that Janet, wife of Douglas’ Hank Pym and mother of Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne, became trapped in the Quantum Realm. The plot of the sequel is rumored to follow Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man and Lilly’s Wasp as they attempt to rescue Janet. Ant-Man and the Wasp doesn’t hit theaters until this July. I suppose it could take place before the events in Infinity War, making Pfeiffer’s cameo possible.

Either way, Stan’s quote in The Independent is a bit confusing, but that may be for the best. For now we’ll just assume he meant Avengers 4. That way, if Nick Fury, Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne do appear in Infinity War, we’ll still be pretty darn surprised.

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