The Marvel universe is a bit quieter since the events of Infinity War, and fans of HBO’s The Leftovers may have gotten déjà vu at the big climax. Not because of Carrie Coon, mind you, but a certain universe-altering similarity this spoilery mashup points out.

You’re warned of full Avengers: Infinity War spoilers from here on out, but once the big shock of Thanos’ Marvel-killing snap wore off, something seemed eerily familiar about Nick Fury and Maria Hill’s post-credits stinger. The sight of drivers vanishing from behind the wheel and choppers falling out of the sky were almost identical to a scene from HBO’s The Leftovers, in which a percentage of the population similarly vanishes without a trace. See for yourself around 3:20 below:

And while we’re pretty sure The Leftovers wasn’t a stealthy Thor prequel in which Christopher Eccleston’s Malekith first learned about universe-altering destruction, the parallel wasn’t lost on one Infinity War patron. Behold their perfect mash-up of The Leftovers credits with various Marvel movies, and be warned of major spoilers for the Avengers climax:

Of course, we still have an absurd number of questions from Infinity War’s end, and The Leftovers didn’t exactly answer its own mystery. Will Avengers 4 undo the Marvel rapture? Was Wong among the dearly departed? Will the TV shows even bother to acknowledge it?

2019 feels like an infinity away, so we’ll just let the mystery be.

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