They're just not our cup of sweet Louisiana tea...

The beauty of humans is that we are all different. We all add color to this vibrant world. That being said there are people whom we just don't get along with. We love them, but we just don't like them. We may disagree with them or see the world differently or, in some cases, we just happened to go to rival schools.

That seems to be the case in Louisiana, where we dislike Alabama.

According to a recent Instagram post from a user named Matt Shirley, there are states that each state tends to dislike. Some states are disliked by a few others and some aren't dislike by anyone. For Louisiana, we're not big fans of Alabama and it's probably because they Roll Tide. And honestly, is anyone surprised?

Now, keep in mind, there is no scientific evidence to back this up. It was a simple poll that this guy did with his 325,000 followers and this was the result. But again, are you surprised?

For what's it's worth, it looks like California is the least favorite state in the nation.


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