Insurgent was the big box office winner over the weekend, raking in $54 million. Insurgent is the second installment in the Divergent series.  I’ve read all the books and I may have a slight crush on Four! I've really got to get to the movies. I didn't get to see this over the weekend and I still  haven't seen 50 Shades of Grey.

Eva Mendes and her man Ryan Gosling are doing a little crawfishing. Apparently Eva was joking when she said sweatpants lead to divorce. Not only did she post a picture of her own sweats on Instagram, she recanted and said that everyone knows that the number one cause of divorce is orange crocs!


If Brittany Kerr has any crocs, she better ditch ‘em fast because she and Jason Aldean finally tied the knot Saturday in Mexico and he called it the ‘best day ever.’ She was pretty excited herself, as she should be on her wedding day, saying she feels like the luckiest woman to have been able to marry her best friend.

In other nuptial nuggets, Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly renewed their wedding vows after 12 years. It was a surprise for Kimberly. Brad set it all up and her friends bought her a dress to wear for the ceremony. She said it was casual, campy and awesome! What does she credit their long marriage to? Regular date nights and the support of her in-laws. Brad Paisley is currently on his 2015 Crushin’ It tour.

Zac Brown is slimming down and looking good! He’s lost 20 pounds thanks to a new diet and exercise regimen. So what does he do? An hour of cardio each day plus he’s changed his eating habits. He doesn’t eat animal products anymore, except for fish. I wonder what they serve at his eat and greets now?

Celebrity Birthdays Monday, March 23:
Perez Hilton 37
Brett Eldredge 29
Keri Russell 39

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