Didn't mom always tell you that "monkey see, monkey do" is never a good idea?

It's not something we see often in the south, but growing up in the mountains of California, I saw it plenty anytime it snowed or got icy.... Salting the road. Giant trucks loaded with salt chunks would scatter it all over the roads. Why? Well because, as we learned in chemistry class or Bill Nye the Science Guy, salt lowers the temperature of ice, making it more difficult to form in cold conditions.

That's exactly what makes this Internet challenge so dangerous.

Although not entirely new, the Salt and Ice Challenge (which looks to have been gaining popularity since 2012) involves rubbing salt and ice on your skin to see how long you can feel the burn. Are we already seeing the issue with this? Kids are literally burning themselves with this.

Yes, freezer burn.

PopSugar and other reports include second and third degree burns, worse than freezer burn. It's easy for me to sit back and see the stupidity, but then again I have never been one desperate for Internet fame like a child may be tricked into.

Would you risk these burns just to gain a couple views on Instagram?

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