America's First Lady Michelle Obama was given a rapid makeover during her appearance at the Iran's government controlled television.

Deeming her dress to be 'indecent' and 'against Islam', censors covered the First Lady's arms and neck (via a speedy photoshop) while she appeared from the White House to announce that Iranian hostage thriller “Argo” had won best picture.

The Iranian audience watching the live broadcast was shown a "redesign” of Michelle’s dress, making it conform with restrictions on images of the female body in the media.

Fars, Iran's national television network, changed the U.S. first lady's dress to stand by rules stipulating that women shown on TV should have their hair, arms and legs covered.

According to Fars spokesperson, "Allowances in some form are occasionally made for foreign dignitaries, celebrities and sports persons."

Meanwhile, no comment from Mrs. Obama or her designer, Naeem Khan.