A few years ago, Robert Downey Jr. had hit rock bottom. He'd been in an out of rehab and was dubbed unreliable as an actor. I'm glad to say he's made a remarkable transformation.

Big Turn Around

Downey, Jr. has turned things around in both his personal and professional life. He's now one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. In fact, on the last Forbes list of earners, Robert Downey Jr. was #1. He earned more than $75 million last year.

His big score came from "The Avengers," which raked in more than $1 billion at the box office. He made $50 million from that movie alone.

"The Avengers" was the third highest grossing movie of all time behind "Titanic" and "Avatar." His other big score of the year came when he returned as Tony Stark in the blockbuster hit "Iron Man 3."

Iron Man publicity photo

His Start

He got his big break in the 1987 movie "Less Than Zero" and also in "The Pick-Up Artist," but spiraled into drug addiction at about the same time. Drugs quickly dragged him down until he became all but unreliable and his career seemed to be a lost cause.

Earning Power

Downey tops the Forbes list of Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actors with an estimated $75 million in earnings between June 2012 and June 2013. Second on the list is our previous Hump Day Hunk, Channing Tatum, who pulled in more than $60 million. He helped finance the movie "Magic Mike" and is still making money from that film. Third was Hugh Jackman, who made $55 million over the same time frame.