What do you do when a respected co-worker shows up in the office, during football season, in Louisiana, with a houndstooth patterned black and white fedora? You whip out your phone, that's what!

Don't get me wrong. I have the utmost respect for Jay Whatley. After all, he started his radio career as an intern for my morning show when he was just 16-years-old! But I never, ever, thought he'd do something this silly, this heinous.

Jay has always been talented and stylish. Jay has also always been a Tiger fan. So why in the world would he show up in the office with a black and white houndstooth fedora that could have come straight off of Bear Bryant's head. I'm really starting to question my judgement... I honestly don't know what he was thinking. Or maybe he wasn't thinking. So the question remains. Is Jay a closet University of Alabama fan or a simple fashion victim? Sound off in the comments section below!

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