Kevin Smith has a pretty hefty new year’s resolution for 2020 — to finally revive his 1995 cult classic Mallrats in the form of a sequel. Smith has been trying to bring back Mallrats the past few years in the form of a TV series, but studios weren’t biting. Now, he’s set his sights on a feature film, currently titled “Twilight of the Mallrats.” In a lengthy year-end victory lap on Instagram, Smith informs fans on his career highlights of 2019 and his lofty goals for the new year. He also shares that it will be difficult for 2020 to "measure up" to 2019:

A follow-up to Mallrats has been in talks for years and years. In 2015, Smith shared his wacky premise for the sequel. Smith’s Instagram post also reveals that he is working on “Clerks III, following Clerks II back in 2006. A heck of a lot of time has passed for Smith’s View Askewniverse characters, so it will be interesting to see how they fit in with modern society. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot was released last year, following the title characters as they navigate life’s changes that come with getting older. The movie intended to include Stan Lee in the cast before the comic book writer’s death last November.

So keep an eye out for a new Mallrats. Or a new Clerks. It’s likely we will be getting both in the new decade.

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