Shreveport and Bossier City are the running-est cities that I have ever lived in.  It seems like we have a 5K or three every weekend.  I don't mean that in a bad way either.  I think it's a fantastic way to show support for your favorite cause and tune up the bod in the process.  My favorite used to be the ones that end with a cool music festival with (mostly) healthy food and beer.  That kind of experience has taken a backseat to the Lard-Butt 1k!

No doubt inspired by the .08K race held at Shreveport's annual Patty in the Plaza, the Lardbutt 1k is more than just a bit longer. Q13Fox reports that the race in Seattle is very particular about it's rules. First off, no running is allowed - and they are serious about it. The size-able crowd that lines the route hurls criticisms at the runners that disappoint them the most.   The boos aren't directed at the slower or more rounded runners as one would expect, but rather at the "in-shape" participants who run too fast.  The only way to take this race seriously is to take it easy.  You'll still work up the appetite to finish off your donuts at the end of the race.

Lest you think that this is a stupid idea, the event draws in thousands of entrants plus, it's also a fundraiser for a nearby food bank.  In the first year, runners (walkers) donated over 2-tons of food for hungry people in their neighborhoods.

I would like to see this here in the SBC, and I think it would do well.  It's for everyone, regardless of fitness level.  If you have good intentions and the ability to go outside - you can help the town you live in.  Here are my ideas to make it better:

1. Nap Station

2. Couch Yoga

3. Procrastination Tournament (or, we could just do this one later)

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