Being a food lover, I love this time of year because the State Fair gives me so many choices!

And, until this weekend, I'd never tried anything I hated.

Sure, the deep fried Orero's and Fried Coke aren't my favorites, but they were at least edible!

But, that's all changed now.

Saturday, I was out at the fair for the John Anderson show put on by our sister station, KWKH.

As I looked around for deep fried delicacies, I passed up the fried watermelon, Kool Aid, and fried Mac and cheese.

I even passed on the chocolate covered cookie dough on a stick for... Red velvet funnel cake.

I love red velvet cake... I love funnel cake. A win-win, right?


After spending $7, I think I ate about a quarter of it.

At first, it had no taste. But the, the aftertaste of burnt kicked in.

Maybe I just got a bad one? I saw lots of other people buying and eating them.

But, if you were to ask me right now, I'd say Red velvet funnel cake is an interesting idea that's best left alone! I'd even rather eat a McRib!