You're probably wondering why we have this holiday on this specific day. It is actually the date displayed on the calendar emoji. "July 14th", according to the World Emoji Day website. There is actually a lot of stuff going on today. Check out the video below to see how people all around the world is celebrating.

It is a strange holiday, but one where we can appreciate saying what we need to say without saying it with words. However, I have an issue with emojis that I have had bubbling in my brain for some time now.

Year after year we get an updated list of emojis usually from Apple or some other smart phone creator. With each year I get my hopes up that there will be a red head emoji. I have been disappointed many times, but it is finally happening. I have been holding on to this grudge for some time now and now I can finally let that anger die. We will be getting a red head emoji this year! (I hope they don't disappoint me again this year.) I guess you can say that this year I am celebrating World Emoji Day with the anticipation of the red head emoji. Also, I obsessed with the dinosaur emoji!

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