The temperatures this last week and a half have just about worn me out. If you step outside even for a couple of minutes, you are pretty much drenched in sweat.

I do love some aspects of summer like the wonderful food, and being able to swim, and most people are able to take vacation during the summer, but when the temperature reaches above 95 degrees, I just start thinking about fall.

The biggest thing about actually moving into fall are the things that in my mind I associate with fall, and I really enjoy that temperatures at night start to get a little bit better.

Even when the temperature is around 65 degrees in the evening that is so much better than temperatures at night right now. Temperatures in the mid-seventies and upper-seventies are just not nearly as comfortable as the low-sixties to mid-sixties.

When I think about the fall, I think about cooler temperatures, being able to decorate the house for Halloween, and being able to ride in my car without the air conditioning having to be on full blast.

With all of the changes that have been made to the way we live because of Covid-19, it's nice to be able to think about some things that likely will remain the same this fall even though we are still having to worry about the coronavirus.

I am thinking that this year will be like last year even with people thinking about Covid-19. What I mean by that? I think that most people seem to be happier in Louisiana when the fall rolls around.

Things That Make Me Think Of Fall

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