Are you wearing your cat ears today? You should be! Today is World Cat Day.

National Today did a study where they surveyed 1,000 Americans about cats. I sometimes wonder who are these folks that have willing wanted to participate in any study, but honestly I'd talk about Salem to anyone if they let me. Salem is the greatest cat.

Here are something that National Today learned about Cat People in the U.S.

  • More than 4 out of 10 people own cats across the United States.
  • 25% of the people surveyed said that their cat is their best friend.
  • 14.2% are cat people.
  • The most popular brand of cat food is Friskies.
  • 64% of the folks surveyed would rather have a quiet night alone with a cat than their significant other.

I grew up surrounded by cats. The most my family had growing up was about 5 or 6. My mother had a hard time passing by a cat that needed a home. I got that from her. The cat I have now is my little sweet heart that is so misunderstood. My boyfriend thinks hes a bit of a jerk, but he just likes to attack ankles when people walk by. That his way of playing. Salem is a snuggle bug when he wants. He is a sweet boy. I recently had a cat pass away and it was hard to get through.

I know some will see this as a fun holiday to dress up like a cat and share pictures of this cat, but I will use today to remember Severus. He past away at the beginning of summer and I was devastated. I found Severus at the Bossier City Animal Control. He was an older cat. I remember walking up to the kennel he was in and opened the door. He reached out his little cat arms and held on to my shoulders and wouldn't let go. I knew then I had to take him home.

So enjoy today! Dress up like a cat if that makes you happy. Share pictures of your cat on Facebook and Instagram. Share stories about how a cat stole your heart. Celebrate cats.