We have all driven at night at some point or another on the interstate. So people like driving at night because they say that the traffic is a little lighter. They also say that it seems like the trip goes by faster.

While driving at night, we all have to make those mandatory pit stops for a bathroom break, get gas, or just get out and walk around for a bit. When stopping off of the highway at night making that stop, you probably always see big rigs aka 18 wheelers stopped at those locations too.


Have you ever thought about how much they go through while doing their job? They need to stop to rest, get fuel, or just like us, get out and stretch their legs. The probable is some places may not be safe for these truck drivers or you for that matter to stop at especially at night.

Have you ever wondered where they are in your state? There is a LARGE directory of truck stops that are on the Do Not Stop list and it has gone viral online. The list was posted on Reddit by L Brands Asset Protection.

The list they posted said "The Following truck stops pose a risk for drivers and their loads so therefore Do Not Stop at these locations.

Texas road sign concept

In Texas, there are 15 locations on this list. Four of the locations are located in Houston, one right outside of Houston in Pasadena, and five in the Dallas area. For the complete list, go here.

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