If you are from Louisiana you know that each day is a crap shoot win it comes to the weather. One day you could be wearing shorts while fishing or playing golf and the next day you need three layers of clothes to not freeze to death.

Take this week for instance. the first couple of days this week Louisiana has been in the mid-70s for highs but by mid-week, the temperature is dropping to 60 in the middle of the day because Mother Nature has jokes and will drop the temperatures into the low 50s at night.

Freezing Temperatures Continue To Grip The Country
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See what we mean? You never know what you're going to get in Louisiana when it comes to the weather. So with that being said, we thought about it and discovered that Louisiana doesn't just have four seasons.

You know the typical seasons of Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall but Louisiana has many more seasons to go along with the typical four seasons. What are they? Stay with us.

  • Winter
  • False Spring
  • Second Winter
  • Spring Sike
  • A Third Winter
  • The Pollen Season
  • Actual Spring
  • Love Bug Season
  • Summer
  • Hot as Heck Summer
  • Hurricane Season
  • False Fall
  • Second Summer
  • The actual Fall
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So how accurate is that? Not too far off that for sure. This is why most people have sinus issues 10 times a year here in Louisiana. This is also why we own 20 pairs of shorts, 10 coats, 5 pairs of long johns, and at least 5 bathing suits. You never know how you will have to dress each day! The struggle is real, especially in South Louisiana.

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