The vicious cycle of men and women makes the world go around. What we mean by that is men are stubborn and women are always right (especially if you want to have a happy life boys).

When it comes to Louisiana men and Louisiana women, things get a little bit more difficult because a simple two-word phrase can make guys' minds start racing and thinking "Oh no, what the heck did I do?"

We started thinking about it and asked your opinion about phrases that Louisiana men never want to hear from their wives, girlfriends, or significant others. Louisiana women are feisty; if you get tangled up with a Cajun woman, you could have a firecracker on your hands.

I can say that because I am a Louisiana Cajun boy and have encountered those ladies but on the other side of the coin, those Louisiana Cajun boys aren't easy to live with either.

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All these below are not just what Louisiana men and women do, but just the two sexes in general.

Phrases That Men Hate Hearing From Women

  • Guy: What do you want to eat?  Lady: Whatever You Want (It is never What You Want)
  • Guy: Are you ok?   Lady:  It's All Good (You know you're in trouble when you get this response because we all know it's NOT all good)
  • Lady: I think It's Funny How.... (Here it Comes)
  • Lady: Hey Honey, When you get a minute... (Oh boy get ready to spend your entire day doing something you don't want to do).
  • Guy: I may go hang out with the boys and drink some beer  Lady: Do What You Want (DO NOT DO whatever you want!)
  • Guy: Hey Honey, Do you think we can mess around   Lady: Is that all you think about? (Yes, ladies, that is all we think about LOL)
  • Lady: “Fine “, which is the worst four-letter word a guy wants to hear from a Cajun woman. The dictionary defines the word Fine as an adjective and it is when your partner dares you to try it, even though she says it’s fine
  • Guy:  Cooking   Lady: Why are you putting that in there?
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Now, Ladies, we got you too.

Here are things Ladies don't want to hear from your man either. 

  • Guy: I was Thinking...  Lady: Oh boy can't wait to hear what this genius has to say
  • Guy: We are just friends ... Lady: I don't think so the way she was all over you!
  • Guy: This is only my second beer
  • Guy: Can I do it tomorrow?
  • Guy: What do you think this is on my back?  Lady: Grossed Out
  • Guy: Why are we broke?  Lady: Have you seen the shed with all your toys?
  • Guy: Hey Honey, When you get a minute... Lady: (Oh boy get ready to spend your entire day doing something you don't want to do).
  • Guy: Let me ask you a question...  Lady: NO!!!

We thought you would get a kick out of some of these. What did we miss?

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