Rolling through the pages of Facebook earlier today I found something that truly had me excited.

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On the Blanchard LA Friends page, I discovered a post from Pam who wrote:

I got nosy and stopped up at the old Stumpwater to ask what was going on in there and the couple (name is Toups) said they bought it and are going to make a restaurant out of it - catfish, shrimp, burgers and stuff.........2 nights of the week (Fri and Sat I think they said) will be reservation only where one of those nights it will be Cajun food and the other night Italian. I believe they said it would be called Toups Stumpwater. Excited about it being a restaurant so now I only have to drive 2 min from my house to get something! Right now they are refinishing the flooring.

Of course I had to find out more about the revival of the old Stumpwater Inn at 9294 Blanchard Furrh Road.  They have a Shreveport address, but they’re actually in Longwood, Louisiana, only a few miles west of Blanchard.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This place was a favorite for many in the area for years and it sounded like it would soon re-open.

It didn't take long to find the Facebook page for Toups StumpWater Restuarant & Bar and though they don't say exactly "when" they plan to re-open, they do say, “We're bringing Cajun & Creole back to a legendary North Louisiana Restaurant. Toups StumpWater serves South Louisiana Style Classic dishes for a memorable dining experience.”

On their website,, we see the following:

Our restaurant will focus on homestyle influenced versions of classic Cajun, Creole, Italian & Sicilian dishes. Authentic Taste, Quality & Service will be our focus.

If you grew up with Cajun, Creole, Italian or Sicilian Heritage in South Louisiana. Our tastes will be quite familiar to you. Like home.

Homestyle cooking is truly becoming a lost art & the purity is rarity.

The owner, originally from New Orleans, is working to bring some of the food he has personally enjoyed and shared with friends and family in Shreveport, Bossier for many years.


So, to coin the old phrase, "Stay tuned."  We're keeping an eye on this one and will let you know the minute we get any additional information.

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