Are these your kids?

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All "kidding" aside, if you have been looking for your goats, the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office has a pair that might just be yours.

Taking to Facebook, the Caddo Sheriff announced on Wednesday, March 27, that they had located this pair of goats that were wandering loose.

As mentioned, the goats were picked up in the 8100 block of Sundown Lane which is in the Mooringsport area around Caddo Lake.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to the Sheriff's Office, unless the owner comes forward to claim these goats within ten days, the animals will be sold at auction.

If math serves me right, that will give the owner until Saturday, April 6, to claim the animals, or possibly have to bid on them at an auction in the near future.

If these goats look like they might be yours and you'd like to legally claim them, immediately contact Sgt. Gary Bailey at the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Department at 318-464-7920

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