We're just over a week away from Father's Day and it might be time to give Dear Old Dad his due!

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Father's Day is next Sunday, June 18 and regardless how tough old Dad might be, he's still worthy of some recognition. Isn't he just as important as Mom?


Some statistics might leave Dad wondering just how important he really is.

We Call Mom On Mother's Day, But What About Dad?

For example, more phone calls are made every year on Mother's Day. It's an average of 122 million calls each year. There's only 83 million calls made on Father's Day and some research shows that most of those are collect.  In fact, there are more collect phone calls made on Father's Day than any other day of the year.

So, if Dad means the world to you and you'd like to show him the love that he’s earned over the years, we've run across the perfect gift that's only too easy to give.

Vasyl Dolmatov
Vasyl Dolmatov

Maybe I’m just easy or too predictable.  Maybe my own Dad has allowed me to “think” that whatever I had done or gotten for him was just what he needed.  Or maybe, just maybe, we’re on to something.

So What Do Dads Really Want On Father's Day?

I think that what we Dads want, more than anything, is to know that our kids are safe.  That they’ve been properly taught how to not only survive in this tough world, but to thrive.  To think that my three sons can use some of the wisdom that I imparted to them, whether on purpose or not, to make their lives better, is the greatest gift ever.


So, if you really want to make Dad happy this Father’s Day, maybe you should just list the things that he taught you, that you’re able to use every day.

Dad, here’s what I learned from you!

  • Show people how much you love them. And be someone that others want to love!
  • Be honest. Even when it’s going to hurt, always be honest.
  • Work hard. It makes you sleep better at night.
  • Show appreciation for anything you’re given
  • It never costs you any more to go first class
  • Stand for something. You know what’s right and what’s wrong.  Don’t be willing to curb your morals just to avoid controversy or to be popular
  • Smile!  And not just when you’re happy.  Smile all the time!  Sometimes you just gotta fake it until you make it.
  • Never trust a fart
  • Pay cash. Debt will crush a man
  • Do something right the first time
  • Be the first to praise and the first to apologize when you’re wrong
  • It’s better to be silent and thought ignorant than to open your mouth and remove all doubt (This one is a work in progress)

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