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Check your pockets, Louisiana -- you may have a rare coin that's worth over $20,000. Here's what you need to know about the value of the 1943 Lincoln copper penny.

Have you been saving your pennies for a rainy day? That's a good thing, because they may be worth way more than you bargained for. I think it's funny how many places don't want to take change anymore, especially when so many coins are worth so much more than face value!

What is the 1943 Lincoln copper penny?

The United States was embroiled in World War II in 1943 and needed all of the copper available to make cartridge casings for bullets, so Congress voted to make Lincoln cents out of zinc-coated steel. While the zinc-plated pennies aren't worth a lot, there were a few copper pennies made that year by mistake and those pennies are worth A LOT!

How much are the 1943 Lincoln Copper Pennies worth?

While the 1943 zinc-coated steel pennies are only worth around 1¢ to $3 if they're in uncirculated condition, the 1943 Lincoln Copper Pennies are a whole different story according to collectors. Coinsite.com estimates that the average circulated 1943 Lincoln copper penny is worth anywhere from $20,000 - $50,000. In uncirculated condition, it could go for anywhere from $80,000 - $110,000! I don't know about you, but that's worth sifting through your coin collection for.

What does a 1943 Lincoln copper penny look like?

We had to go to social media to get a picture of the 1943 Lincoln Copper Penny. They're that rare! Niles Coin Shop had a picture and estimates that there are only about 20 of the rare coins in existence.

Well, there you have it. Now you know what you're looking for. Good luck on your search and if you have any luck, let me know!

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