Nick Cox, Mayor of Minden, had to send his residents a letter that no Mayor would ever want to compose.

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In the midst of this extreme heat, the Mayor had to tell his friends, family and neighbors that it will likely get worse.

The Mayor Explains Exactly What Has Happened In The Minden Area

In the Public Notice, Mayor Cox informed residents that about 6:13 am Sunday morning, a fire broke out at Entergy's Gilark substation which caused a brief, city-wide power outage.

This was apparently only a pre-cursor to the doom that lies ahead, as Entergy officials examined the damage and determined that a transformer had exploded and will need to be repaired urgently.

Making matters worse is that the 115,000 volt Gilark substation is Minden's sole entry into the power grid.

Officials Are Trying To Formulate A Plan For The Upcoming Outage

The Mayor writes that the City of Minden is working with representatives of Entergy and AEP to coordinate efforts, but that a city-wide power outage is imminent to make these crucial repairs. Though a specific time for this outage to begin, nor its duration can be determined at this time, officials are working to gather more information and will inform the public the moment any details become available.

The Mayor goes on to say that "We are making arrangements in partnership with the Webster Parish Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness to establish cooling centers at easily accessible locations throughout the city. These centers will provide relief from the extreme heat and offer necessary resources. Additionally, we are collaborating with local organizations, including the Red Cross, to ensure the support and well-being of our most-vulnerable residents, such as the elderly, children and those with medical conditions."

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