We know more about the vastness of space then we do about the depths of our oceans. For some reason, we've found it much easier to explore space, at least to the moon, then going 3 or 4 miles deep into the ocean. The pressure gets heavier the deeper you go and the it's harder and harder for sunlight to get through. That's why it's always fascinating when we find a sea creature we know little about. One of these creatures has been given the name of "Spaghetti Monster." Let's find out what Spaghetti Monsters are.

Spaghetti Monster

Recently, Spaghetti Monsters have been washing up on the beach of Mustang Island, just off the coast of Corpus Christi. If you didn't know anything about these creatures, you would think they were some kind of alien eyeball squirming around. They are not alien but they are a cousin of the Portuguese Man o’ War and can sting you just as bad.

Spaghetti Monsters can also be called thread jellies and have the official name of Rhizophysa (don't ask me how to pronounce it because I don't know how to either). The Spaghetti Monster is not one single creature, it is a colony of creatures living together.

What do you do if you see a Spaghetti Monster this summer?

Researchers at the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies say that the best thing to do is admire their "creepy beauty" from a distance. Do not touch one as they will sting you. There is nothing wrong with taking a photo of one as long as you do it at a safe distance.

There is not a whole lot known about these sea creatures other than the few facts listed above. What I can tell you is that they look like some kind of alien creature. Maybe they are and that's why we don't know anything about them.

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