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  • Run if you see them
  • The worst animals and insects
  • Learn how to avoid these killers

Sometimes animals that are the deadliest, are the most interesting. It's coded into our DNA to survive at all costs in this world.

We are always looking for anecdotal evidence about what has killed other people. That's how we learn to stay away from things that could unalive us.

The deadliest animal or bug in Texas is the lowly mosquito. Spreading viruses like Malaria, West Nile Virus, Zika, Yellow Fever, and more.

So Why Aren't We Scared Of Mosquitos If They Are So Deadly?

Though we try our best to keep mosquitos out of our daily lives, we don't fear them. That might be because you can't really do anything to stop them completely.

There is nothing to be learned from someone dying of getting bitten by a mosquito. We all know that it's a roll of the dice every time we walk outside.

According to skeeter-treaters.comsharks kill about 10 people a year. Mosquitos kill almost 725,000 humans every year.

What Other Animals Do We Have To Worry About In Texas?  

We are so used to living in controlled habitats that we might not be taking proper precautions when we are outside the house.

No one wants to end up on the sharp end of these Texas killers. The next time you go to put your hand in the mailbox or walk in the woods, look where that hand or foot is going before you just plop it down.

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