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  • In Texas, we use every part of every animal and will also eat some parts you haven't considered.
  • From the land to the ocean, not many animals are off-limits in Texas.
  • Only one of these 10 strange Texas foods is plant-based.

As someone from Texas, I have eaten my fair share of strange things in my lifetime. We will also turn just about anything into sausage, so I have no idea all the parts of animals that I have eaten.

I am also fairly certain that I had squirrel dumplings at my friend's grandmother's house on more than one occasion. I didn't know it at the time, but when I think back, I'm pretty sure all those squirrel tails came from somewhere.

Grey squirrel yawning

If you haven't bought meat from a cooler in the back of a pickup bed, can you call yourself a true Texan? It has to be in the handbook somewhere.

What Are The Weirdest Things You Ever Ate In Texas?

As a kid, my parents would always go deep-sea fishing in Galveston. There were many coolers full of red snapper and dolphin fish.

The one thing that we looked the most forward to was the shark meat. Cubed, breaded, and deep fried, just like steak fingers.

Blue shark, Prionace glauca, near the surface, Southern California

These days we know eating fish from the top of the food chain might not be the best way to stay away from contaminants. We didn't care, and the lean, firm shark meat was considered a delicacy in our house.

See if you have tried all of these weird Texas favorites.

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