Sometimes people don't care what kind of beer they're drinking, as long as its cold. But sometimes people are looking to really enjoy their beer. That's where the craft brewing industry comes in.

If you're not familiar with craft beer, its essentially a method where beer is brewed in a more "hands on" way. Instead of relying on massive factories producing large quantities of beer every day, craft breweries rely on people to push the process forward. This allows them to be more involved in the process, and more flexibility with their brews.

This more intimate brewing method also allows brewers a chance to experiment more. With smaller batches, they can try mixing in new ingredients and use new methods, without having to sacrifice too much product if something doesn't work. This allows craft breweries to develop some incredible options, and gives them to the space to make them limited or seasonal as well.

But some craft breweries have used the craft beer boom to build a foundational base of standard beers too. Like Shreveport's Great Raft Brewing, who has developed a handful of mainstays. Including Their 318 Golden Ale, Reasonably Corrupt, Commotion, and Southern Drawl. While at the same time being able to create specialties like Amber Waves of Pain, Show Pony, and W.M.O.H. to name a few.

The boom of craft brewing has expanded to all corners of the United States. Which compelled Shane Co. to research the most popular craft brewers in each state. They used a multi-level process to put their survey together. Starting with the highest rated beers in each state on Beer Advocate, then using Google Trends data to drill down on that data.

In Louisiana, they found that Abita Brewing was #1 in the state. It was also one of the top craft breweries in the Southern region. Here's the rest of what they came up with for Louisiana.

The Most Searched Craft Beer Brand in Louisiana

Online research was conducted by Shane Co. to reveal the most popular craft breweries in the nation. They used this data to breakdown each state's most popular breweries. This is the list they were able to build for Louisiana using that data.

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