In the wake of a blockbuster report from the Louisiana Legislative Auditor's Office, multiple Caddo Parish Public School Principals have been taken into custody. KTBS reports that at least three Caddo Parish School Principals have been arrested.

The report says that the three Principals arrested are Bridget Bridges, Marco French, and Raquel Fuggins-Mock. Bridges was the Principal at North Highlands Elementary, French is the Principal of Queensborough Elementary (he's currently suspended), and Fuggins-Mock is the former Principal at Werner Park Elementary.

Comparing the original report from the Louisiana Legislative Auditor's Office with KTBS' report of arrests, we can see who is accused of what.

The initial report says the Principal of Werner Park, Fuggins-Mock, is accused of theft and misappropriations that were over $3,000. While the auditors report said the Principal at North Highlands, Bridges, was accused of misappropriating funds through a tutoring that she did not attend. The numbers at North Highlands were around $2,000. KTBS reports that French, who was the Louisiana Principal of the Year in 2022, also took money for tutoring he did not attend, and had been reimbursed for out-of-town trips.

However, KTBS reports that Caddo Parish District Attorney James Stewart is not interested in actually prosecuting these individuals. Here's what KTBS said:

"Caddo District Attorney James Stewart told KTBS the principals will likely be eligible for pretrial diversion, an option to traditional prosecution where charges are dismissed if defendants stay out of trouble and meet certain criteria such as restitution and undergoing counseling. Restitution to the schools, which has already been made, is the top priority, Stewart said."


Apparently Stewart will wait to get more details from investigators, but this being an immediate option seems to tip his hand.

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