As the weather is starting to cool down, students heading to school will be looking to bundle up in the mornings. But not every school allows kids to stay warm in the same way. In fact, schools within the same system don't have the same policies when it comes to outerwear.

For example, the elementary schools of Bossier Parish all have their own policies on a school-by-school basis. Some of the schools are very thorough on what isn't allowed, while others allow kids to stay warm in easier ways.

While we could spend a lot of time discussing that school uniform policies aren't good for students, and how research constantly shows that that school uniform polices don't offer any benefits, this is more about what the local polices specifically say. What do these schools allow, and what is banned.

Interestingly, the most common thread we found is that all of these schools want to sell pre-approved clothing to students and families. Some go as far as pointing out that clothing which meets standards, but isn't sold by the school, are not allowed. Unfortunately, this creates the appearance that the schools are more interested in generating revenue than anything to further benefit the students.

The biggest singular problem, based on the amount of times they are referenced in these handbooks, seems to be hoodies. Sweatshirts with hoods attached to them. This type of clothing is very common, and makes for an easy option for students in Louisiana who may not require a full parka, but also shouldn't be walking to school in a tee shirt.

Here is a look at all of the outerwear dress codes we could find for Bossier Parish Elementary schools:

Bossier Parish Elementary School Cold Weather Dress Codes

Here is a list of the content written about outerwear (jackets, sweaters, hoodies) in the student handbooks for various Bossier Parish Elementary schools.

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