A Friend of Mine Called Me Asking Why There is a Bigfoot Walking Around Shreveport.

At first, I was asking the questions everyone asked them. "Were you drinking?" "You really think you saw Bigfoot?" My friend was practically yelling "I know what I saw, someone is dressed like Bigfoot and walking around town." I laughed it off and let it go up until I saw a Facebook post.

Several People Took to Facebook to Ask What is Up With Sasquatch.

Was it supposed to be Rogarou? Have you also spotted Shreveport's Bigfoot? Why would someone in their right mind dress up like Sasquatch and walk around town? I am pretty sure we found out what is going on.

A New Business is Coming to Town and They Seem to Be Shooting Promo Pictures.

Maybe they wanted to cause concern and make people hit the beaks all over town. We aren't completely sure what the angle is, and we aren't sure how many people have wrecked their vehicles or caused a child to freak out. We are excited to see people in Shreveport get creative.

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