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Can you name all of these Louisiana-themed 'Elf on a Shelf' memes? We'll admit, it took us a while on a few of them!

Parents love sharing the magic of Christmas with their kids and a lot of them get into coming up with new and interesting situations for their elf to find themselves in. My niece Dana was the queen of Elf on a Shelf with my great nephew Noah. I honestly don't know which of them enjoyed it more!

But Elf on a Shelf has gone a little crazy with a whole lot of other 'options,' if you will. Hence, all of the Louisiana-themed versions of Elf on a Shelf. Let's give you a test run to see how good you are at this...

If you guessed Latoya on a Destroya, you got it! Feeling pretty confident now? Let's see how you do with this one from The CajuNerd Experiment.

Well, did you get it? Yep, it's Pimp on a Shrimp! Play time is over now though. Let us know how many of the following you were able to figure out. Is there a prize? Nope! Just personal satisfaction!

And finally, just for fun, we had to share this one from The CajuNerd Experiment. So how many do you think you figured out? Shoot us a message using our free app or email me at erin.bristol@townsquaremedia.com. Merry Christmas!

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