Easter Comes Around and All of a Sudden We All Want the Cute Bunnies and Chicks.

You see people post the most adorable pictures of their children holding bunnies and chicks for Easter photos and although they are adorable a lot of people worry about what the future holds for those cute photo props.

Yes, Rabbits Make Great Pets, When You Plan Accordingly.

I have a friend who let her son get a rabbit and that rabbit acts just like a cat, however, they have spent a lot of time training the rabbit. No, this rabbit wasn't a cute Easter gift, this rabbit came to their home after several months of research. If you're looking to get chicks for your hen house and a bunny to raise, this warning isn't for you.


The Louisiana SPCA Is Tired Of Begging Our Community to Do Better.


Every year the Louisiana SPCA gets an influx of chicks and rabbits following the Easter holiday. Of course, this is all because of the buyer’s remorse that many feel or perhaps the serious realization that a living animal is now taking up space in their home.

Every year without fail the Louisiana SPCA begs Louisiana residents to please acknowledge the commitment of owning a rabbit. Did you know that a rabbit's lifespan is anywhere from 5 to 10 years? Just like your pet cat and dog, rabbits can live their life cage-free, however, they rely on training and even potty training. Yikes.

Some Louisiana residents even release rabbits into the wild out of desperation. Domestic rabbits can't survive in the wild, it's a death sentence for those bunnies.


Instead of a living creature, we are all encouraged to let our kids adopt a plush toy.


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