Could This Be The Most Bizarre Missing Person Story Louisiana Has Ever Seen?

A man who was reported missing and then identified as a person found dead walked up as reporters were reporting his death.

Demietriek Scott is a Well Known Chef in the New Orleans Area.

Scott was reported missing on June 10th. According to the person who made the missing persons report "had not had any contact in person or via cell phone with Scott in two weeks". Scott's food trailer had been left unattended for several days and he was a no-show at a major festival where he was scheduled to be.

What is every family's biggest fear after reporting a missing person happened on Monday. The Orleans Parish Coroner’s office had given the family a preliminary notification that a dead body found was believed to be Scott. What happened next was crazy, reporters showed up at the family's home to report on the death of this well-known chef and then the "dead person" showed up.

Imagine the Reporter's Surprise When Demietriek Scott Walked Up During a Live Broadcast.

Shortly before 4 p.m., the missing chef reported dead walked up, alive and with an explanation. "Life kicked in, life caved in," said Scott he said he was in New Orleans the entire time but needed some time to be alone.

You Can See The Interview With 4WWL Below.

What Is Heartbreaking Is That So Many People in the Restaurant Industry Can Empathize With This Chef.

Hearing Demietriek Scott's explanation of why he needed time to be by himself made so many people sad for him. The food service industry is relentless and demanding both physically and mentally. We hope that Chef Scott was able to take the mental break he needed. Burnout is real, take care of yourself.

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