Shreveport, Louisiana Was Just Named by WalletHub as One of the Fattest Cities in America.

How did Shreveport earn this title yet again? Every year WalletHub ranks the 182 biggest cities in America from the healthiest to the least healthy, based on multiple factors. It isn't just physical health, they factor in healthcare costs and random things like fruit and vegetable consumption. They even look at what every city has to offer when it comes to trails and opportunities to get in shape.

We Know That Physical Health Starts in the Kitchen.

Unfortunately not all of us have a food prep person or company like Prepped Up Meals on call helping us achieve our goals. Also, what happens when we have to meet up for a business lunch? What place can we pick out and go eat where we can still stick to our goals?

Several Locals Have Chimed in and Shared Their Favorite Places for a Delicious and Healthy Lunch.

I checked out a highly recommended salad spot called Greenhouse Salad Company and it hit the spot for sure.

Check out some of our favorite spots for a healthy lunch in Shreveport-Bossier below:

Prep Cakes Bakery not only makes some really yummy sandwiches but they also have a grab and go option if you are in a hurry.

The Greek Corner in Bossier. The Shawarma Salad is superior to any other salad out there. Period. The food is always so fresh and clean.

El Cabo Verde doesn't do boring, ever. Their salads are proof that one of the best items on the menu can be a salad. Who knew?

The Greenhouse Salad Company in Shreveport lets you build out your own salad and the salad I had was not just delicious but filling as well.

Several folks claim that Cascio's Market Bistro makes one of the best salads out there.

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