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If you've been looking for a place where everyone can get what they want to eat, South Bossier has a new way for you to dine!

We've all been there. Someone at work says, 'Let's go get lunch.' Then, no one can agree on where to go. That's why food trucks are so cool. If you can find a place where they congregate, you can satisfy pretty much every palate. Imagine the same scenario around dinner time with a carload of kids... Oof! Thankfully, our local Shreveport-Bossier City, LA food trucks have come to the rescue!

Where's the hot new place to eat in Bossier?

That would be the all-new South Bossier Food Truck Park! It officially opened for business Friday, September 8, 2023, and they're open pretty much daily with a rotating assortment of local food trucks. Even better? You can either take your food to go or eat right there on site!

Where's the new South Bossier Food Truck Park?

You can find the new South Bossier Food Truck Park at 3420 Barksdale Boulevard in Bossier City. It's next door to El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Is there a schedule of what food trucks will be at South Bossier Food Truck Park and when?

We're so glad you asked! Yes, there appears to be a new schedule each week with regard to which food trucks will be at the new South Bossier Food Truck Park and when. Here's the schedule for this week courtesy of the Shreveport Bossier Food Trucks Coalition Facebook page.

I don't know about you, but with temps coming down, I'll be heading to SoBo for lunch a lot in the near future! Doesn't this look fantastic?!?

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