Shreveport's comic con, Geek'd Con, is heading back to Downtown Shreveport for year #8 at the Shreveport Convention Center. The event started back in 2015, and only missed 2020 due to the pandemic.

Since its start, Geek'd Con has been one of the premiere comic con style events in the state of Louisiana. The event has generated millions of dollars in economic impact to the Shreveport and Bossier City area. While also bringing in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame members, Star Wars icons, Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame members, and horror movie legends.

This year's show is going to feature two of the most successful minds in recent horror. Terrifier franchise creator Damien Leone and Art The Clown actor David Howard Thornton!

Leone's Terrifier franchise, and it's centerpiece Art The Clown, started with his short film The 9th Circle in 2008. Art came back in Leone's horror anthology All Hallows' Eve and All Hallows' Eve 2.

A few year's later Leone took the horror movie world by storm with his film Terrifier, once again featuring his creation, Art The Clown, as the main antagonist.

The original movie brought home three Fangoria Chainsaw Award nominations, and launched the franchise into sequel talks right away. Which did lead to the second movie, Terrifier 2, coming out last year. Which became a shocking smash hit. Against a budget of about $250,000, the box office return was roughly $13 million...with a limited release, and nearly no marketing.

Terrifier 2 also enjoyed critical acclaim to go along with its commercial success. Rotten Tomatoes scores it at 86% after 69 critic reviews, and it holds an 80% score with audiences.

Leone served as the Writer, Director, Editor, and Producer on both Terrifier films.

His creation Art has quickly become a horror movie icon, thanks in large part to Thornton's performance earned him a Fangoria Chainsaw Award nomination and praise from critics, even earning comparisons to Tim Curry and Bill Skarsgård.

There's not much more to say about Art The Clown and Thornton's performance. He's quickly becoming one of the most memorable horror icons of a generation. With merchandise, clothing, toys, and another movie likely on the way.


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History Of Geek'd Con Guests

Geek'd Con is Shreveport's biggest comic and pop culture event. Launching in 2015, the event quickly became one of the premiere comic con style events in the entire state of Louisiana.

A big part of that growth has been the celebrity guest lineups. Since the first show in 2015, the quality of guests attending Geek'd Con rivals any pop culture event of this size. From classic Star Wars stars to guests from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Geek'd Con has welcomed the biggest names from multiple generations. Here's a look at the history of guests at Geek'd Con.

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