Everyone is familiar with Harry Potter right? The boy wizard that has spanned from best selling novels to literal theme parks. The Harry Potter brand is one of the strongest modern stories in the legend of literacy.

But would Harry Potter be as successful of a franchise if he was from America? Because remember, Harry Potter is British. So could you imagine this story being as successful if Harry Potter was from SEC country?

Well, we don't have to imagine that scenario anymore, because comedian and content creator Matt Mitchell has graced us with the answer to this question. In a fantastic dive into Southern Harry Potter...

From now on, when some asks for my Horwarts house, I'm answering "Waffle House". Honestly, I think the answer to our question about whether or not Harry Potter would be successful if he wasn't British "no". BUT, at the same time, if you made a Southern version of this story, it would be epic.

You'd have to do it as a comedy of course. Something like a modern "Ernest Goes to Hogwarts" type movie. Or maybe even a "Scary Movie" version of the Harry Potter films. Either way, Matt Mitchell has stumbled upon something here. I wouldn't be shocked if we don't get more of this parody from his account.

Which by the way, you should check out his full Youtube channel, because its full of insanity like ranking the southern states by "Who's most southern".

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