Major League Baseball's Spring Training is underway. Pitchers and catchers have reported to both Arizona and Florida, where teams split their spring assignments. Soon Spring Training games will begin, and baseball will be back.

This year there are some extra eyes on the Milwaukee Brewers spring facility in Arizona, at least from the Shreveport and Bossier area. Because local fans will be watching to see if former Parkway High School star Eric Brown, Jr will be making an appearance.

Brown was a first round pick by the Milwaukee Brewers, and while he's had a few injuries since being drafted, he's found himself as one of the organization's top prospects. Which is very impressive, considering how good the Brewer's farm system is considered. Right now, the Brewers have one of the top prospect pipelines in all of baseball.

Eric Brown, Jr is a big part of that.

He had a tough injury during last season, but bounced back to take on the Arizona Fall League (AFL). While playing in the fall, Brown hit .297 with 7 doubles, 2 home runs, and 15 RBIs. This solidified that Brown would enter 2024 as one of the top 10 prospects in the Brewers organization.

But Brown might actually have a bigger 2024 ahead of him. Because some Brewers reporters are looking at him as a potential long-term solution as second base for the big league club. However that won't be entirely up to Brown. Even if he plays up to his potential, there are a few people ahead of him already, including Bryce Turang at the MLB level. But if Turang falters, or an injury occurs ahead of Brown, his path will speed up.

Going into 2024, its not likely Brown will see the MLB level, but if he continues his level of play from the Arizona Fall League, there's a chance he could end up seeing some MLB at bats late in the year.

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