Today's vending machines dispense more than just soft drinks and snacks, they dispense a wide array of various items. Years ago all you could get from a vending machine were soft drinks, chips, and snacks, but now, they're stocked with everyday necessities along with some other things you probably don't need.

These high-tech machines sometimes warehouse some high-priced items too. Major airports, travel centers, and hotels have machines where you can swipe your credit card and get charging cords, headphones, phone accessories, electronics, toiletry items, toys, pet food, jewelry and so much more.

Vending machines these days can even make you a hot fresh pizza and serve it up with a frosty milkshake or hot fresh donut and coffee and so much more.

So you read the phrase 'and so much more'. Now you can add ammunition to the list of things you can purchase from a vending machine. Yes, there is a vending machine that dispenses ammo and it's located at an indoor gun range in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Convenience At Its Finest

CBS Austin reports that the vending machine, located in an unnamed indoor gun range is called the 'Ammo Depot'. Once inside the indoor gun range, customers may purchase 50 rounds at a time from the 'Ammo Depot'. The range placed the unique vending machine inside the range so that customers wouldn't have to leave the secured area and go to the retail counter to purchase additional rounds once they ran out.

Security In Mind

To access the vending machine, would-be customers will have to be inside the gun range. You won't be able to get access to a machine like this at your local 7-Eleven. Those who can access the machine have already been screened and shown the proper credentials to make a purchase like this. In addition, there are security cameras trained on the machine constantly.

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Texas Isn't Alone With An Ammo Vending Machine


Let's just hope when the ammo is purchased it doesn't get stuck like the chips and candy bars do and require a gentle nudge to set them free!

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