A fan is going viral with an unfortunate story about meeting Anthony Mackie at a gas station.

In her story, she called him the "rudest human being alive" after he disrespectfully dismissed her when she approached him to tell him she loved his work.

"Here Anthony Mackie comes in this huge f--king truck. All blacked out, all f--king sleek, windows down. So it's like, also, if you don't want people to come up to you and f--king say how much they appreciate your work, why the f--k are all your windows down and you're blasting music?" the fan said in a video reposted on Twitter/X.

"I gently walk up to him being like, 'Oh my god, I'm so sorry to bother.' I walk up being very, very, very respectful. Very, very, very open-minded," she explained.

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"Tell me why Anthony Mackie did this...to my face," she went on, demonstrating how Mackie apparently waved her off and said, "No."

"And then [he] just went back to what he was doing, having me standing there ... being like, 'Oh... Should I leave?'" the fan continued.

She explained that all she wanted to do was walk over and tell the actor how much she appreciated his work "and that was it."

"These f--king celebrities make it seem like we're f--king roaches and rats! I'm at the same gas station as you, b---h. We on the same level playing field. I'm pumping the same gas you pumping right now, and you can't even look at me?" she ranted.

Fans online reacted to the awkward situation.

"I thought it was well known that Anthony Mackie hates being approached. He’s funny as f--k for that," one person tweeted.

Another fan tweeted that they are "on his side."

"Celebrities are humans as well they deserve space and privacy too," someone else tweeted.

Another fan tweeted that the girl in the video "deserved" Mackie's reaction.

Author Angie Thomas, who wrote the best-selling novel The Hate U Give which was turned into a film starring Mackie even tweeted that although she interacted with him on set, she wouldn't approach him in public.

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