A woman broke down in tears after her cousin's new girlfriend misidentified someone else as the bride on her wedding day.

"I never met this cousin or the bride since my boyfriend sees them once or twice a year. We have been together for almost three years so he thought it would be a good time to introduce me to them. My boyfriend told me he wanted to introduce them to me before the actual ceremony started so we were going to meet them, but my boyfriend got a call so he told me to wait a moment and got a little far so he wouldn't have been interrupted," the cousin's girlfriend wrote on Reddit.

The woman explained that when she saw another woman wearing a "beautiful wedding dress," she naturally assumed it was the bride, so she introduced herself and "congratulated her for the wedding."

Unfortunately, "this is when things went wrong."

"The woman I was talking to wasn't the bride, the bride heard what I said ... and got upset and started crying," the woman continued.

She explained the situation to her boyfriend when he returned, and he immediately got one of the bridesmaids and the bride's mom to try to "calm" his cousin down.

"My boyfriend and his family reassured me saying it wasn't my fault, but the bride, her mom and the groom are upset with me and are saying it's all my fault. I never saw her face so when I saw a woman in a wedding dress I immediately thought she was the bride," she wrote.

The woman concluded her story by sharing she feels so "bad" for upsetting the bride and making her cry on her big day.

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Users sounded off in the comments, with many questioning why there was someone else present at the ceremony who was wearing a wedding dress.

"You went to a wedding, you saw a bride and said nice things. Not your fault the 'bride' wasn’t the actual bride, but what an introduction, right?" one person wrote.

"I wonder if she really is upset with you. It seems so weird that she would be angry at a person who she's never met before being confused because someone else decided to wear white on her wedding. Chances are that: a) she was actually mad at the groom's sister for wearing white and trying to hijack attention but she displaced her anger to you as a less threatening target, or b) she was simply overwhelmed and very emotional on the big day and it just exploded at that moment," another offered.

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