A 26-year-old woman is defending herself on Reddit after her dad's new girlfriend, 52, got upset when she changed her clothes in front of them while on vacation.

"We went to a shop to buy a dress for me and there was no cabin [dressing room] for me to try on, but rather a hidden corridor at the back where the lady told me I could try the dress. I went there with my fiancé and I saw that my dad and his girlfriend followed us," she wrote.

Since she was wearing a bra and underwear, she nonchalantly removed her clothes to try on the dress.

"It was fine, the three of them made a positive comment. I removed the dress, dressed back and we moved on," she continued.

A few hours later, however, her dad's girlfriend pulled her aside.

"She said how shocked she was that I 'stripped down in a ridiculous thong' in front of my dad and that she would appreciate it if I never do that again because I am no longer a little girl," the woman explained.

"I said that my underwear was not showing more than what my bikini was anyway showing all the previous days, that my fiancé was here, and that anyway I never asked my dad nor her to follow me in the corridor when clearly they knew I was gonna try the dress," she concluded.

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Users supported the young woman in the comments section, with many not seeing what the big deal was.

"He’s your dad. It doesn’t happen all the time, and he’s certainly not looking at you that way AT ALL. She’s either very insecure or she herself has experienced something terrible at some point in her life," one person wrote.

"I will never understand the weird hang-ups some people have around underwear, but nearly all of them are perfectly fine with bikinis. It's the weirdest double standard," another chimed in.

"They followed you. She and your dad could have not gone to the back hallway. So ignore her and just live your life," someone else commented.

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