A viral theory on TikTok is claiming that soda brand Dr Pepper will be discontinued. However, that may not be the case.

One such video alleging that the soda brand is going to be discontinued is by the user @hahamiz. In the clip, the user has text displayed on the screen. The sound included in the video also says "I will burn this planet down."

"I have no enemies’ mfs after seeing Dr. Pepper is getting discontinued," the text reads.

That single clip has gone on to amass over 15 million views and 2.4 million likes.

Another clip was by the user @yadiraaaag who also alleged that the soda brand was going to be discontinued.

In her video, she dances with the carbonated drink.

"Me after finding out Dr Pepper is getting discounted," the text on her video reads.

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However, there is no need to panic because Dr Pepper has shared that they are not going anywhere. In a post to social media, they cleared the air about the claims.

"Hey internet, You can all cool your thumbs, because Dr Pepper is not being discontinued. *applause* This rumor started with a TikTok video posted earlier this week. No more Dr Pepper would be very upsetting. World crushing. The worst of all time. But you have nothing to worry about. Dr Pepper isn’t going anywhere. These 23 flavors are 4 life," the post read.

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