Did you know that it was possible to bake a cake while flying in an airplane?

TikTok user @miguellamv, real name Miguel Vasconcelos, went viral for baking a cake while working as a flight attendant on the European airline, RyanAir. The video of how he managed to bake a cake reached nearly four million views on the platform.

He brought a chocolate brownie cake mix onto one of his flights where he used a cart to balance a bowl to make and mix the cake batter. Other flight attendants were pictured helping him with some of the steps and later, enjoying their creation.

The comment section was filled with excitement for the passengers who could probably smell the fresh baked goods on the flight. However, fellow airline workers shared their thoughts about the concoction.

"In all of my time in Ryanair never thought this was possible," one user wrote. Another added, "This is so fun, my airline would fire me though, so would my civil aviation authority probably take my license away." Other cabin crew said that though this would be fun, they have too many responsibilities to have time for this while others questioned how he was able to make TikToks mid-flight.

In a follow-up video, Vasconcelos announced that he was fired after 13 months with the company. He shared that at first, he thought the decision was "unfair" and that he was angry about it before becoming sad to leave his fellow co-workers. He said that he is now happy and will continue to post content he already filmed.

Fellow TikTokers speculated that he was fired for posting several videos of him doing silly things while working, videos that racked up over 15 million views.

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