This 4-year-old's birthday party was one to remember with its super unique theme: vacuums.

"When your 4-year-old wants a vacuum-themed birthday party," the caption on a video compilation of the big day reads on TikTok.

The caption also includes a laughing face and the hashtag #cleantok and is set to the lively "Stadium Rave" song from SpongeBob SquarePants.

In the adorable video, the birthday boy is seen sporting a custom T-shirt that says, "Just a boy who loves 'vacunes,'" along with a picture of a Roomba-style vacuum.

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His parents played along with the theme by featuring a cake and cookies decorated with vacuums and shaped like vacuums.

They even decorated the house with instruction manual printouts on the walls.

"LMFAO I’m glad someone appreciates that I stayed up late printing those!" the boy's mom said of the decorations in a comment on TikTok.

The boy, named Jake, even received a toy vacuum-mop combo to play with on his big day.

The little tot also opened up a gift bag full of Little Bites mini muffins that hid a small Henry vacuum cleaner.

Plus, he was gifted a handheld vacuum for his collection and got a little assistance from it when he blew out his birthday cake candles.

Watch the adorable video, below:

"Follow me for party planning tips. All you need is a printer and some Faith," the boy's mom joked in the comments section.

"Honestly go y'all for supporting his interests," one viewer said.

Another noted that they found it funny that he completely abandoned the mini muffins in favor of the vacuum in his gift bag.

"I couldn’t believe he just tossed them... they’re his favorite!" his mom replied.

"Shoulda named him Dyson lollll," another person joked.

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