A man on Reddit caught his girlfriend sending flirtatious messages to her ex.

In his post, the man reveals that he and his girlfriend have been a couple for nearly a decade and that things were going well between them.

"I've been dating this girl for 9 years. Our relationship has always been excellent and I really never had anything to complain about. We've always made a lot of plans together and I was ready to propose to her," he said.

However, that's when the relationship between the couple began to change and when the man discovered that his girlfriend was talking to another man.

"But something happened 4 months ago. Out of nowhere, she asked me for some time, claiming that she no longer felt loved or wanted in recent times, and I couldn't understand why, since I dedicated everything I had to her. But we talked and decided we wouldn't take a break," the man continued.

"A few days later, while snooping on her phone, I discovered she was chatting with a guy, who happened to be her ex. They were flirting with each other and even went out the day after we had talked about taking a break, but from the messages, it was clear they hadn't had anything physical," he shared.

After, the man confronted his girlfriend and they were able to reconcile.

"I confronted her, asked her why she did that to me, and the response I basically got was that she missed things like compliments and feeling interesting to someone. We talked it out and reconciled; she seemed very remorseful for what she did, but now, months later, it won't leave my mind. I find myself thinking about it over and over, and it's eating me up inside," the man concluded before asking if he is in the wrong for not being able to forget the incident.

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People in the comments shared their thoughts on the situation.

"Trust in a relationship is like a glass. If its broken, you can glue it back together to fullfill its purpose but it will never be flawless again. That got me, and i think yours will never be flawless again," someone said.

"I would consider it some light emotional cheating , but if you not it’s still next lvl betrayal and you should definitely sit and think good before you do anything next," another person advised.

"She doesn't deserve to be forgiven," a Reddit user said.

"Just because it wasn't physical doesn't mean she didn't cheat emotionally. She was wanting to be with someone else because she wanted compliments. She didn't talk to you about it, she just went looking elsewhere. She broke your trust. You'll forever be wondering when it's going to happen again. She'll just be better at hiding it next time," read another comment.

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