A man upset a woman he was seeing after he jumped into a relationship with someone else.

"I met this woman about six months ago. We clicked really well, and I told her my intentions within the first few weeks. She says she always takes things slow. Fast forward a bit and I tried to kiss her, she refused. We talked about it and she reiterates she takes things slow and wants to be friends first," the man wrote on Reddit.

After that he didn't try anything "romantic" with her anymore.

"I figured since we are just friends that I'm free to date around. Before I did that I talked to my friend, basically confirmed that we are just friends," he recalled.

Not long after, he met a "smart, funny" woman and they started dating, eventually becoming an official couple.

"I told my friend about this and she got pissed. She said she thought we were taking it slow, and agreed to be friends first. I told her that we were just friends, and I was single, and she had a chance," he concluded.

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Users backed the man in the comments, with many poking fun at his friend's behavior.

"Obviously you two aren’t compatible when it comes to dating or being in a relationship. Don’t sweat it, she can meet someone who goes at her pace," one person wrote.

"How slow did she want to take it? Sheesh," another chimed in.

"Try again if your current relationship doesn't work, or check back in a decade," someone else joked.

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